Hola estimado Manuel

Me gustó mucho el concepto de la revista, el nombre arrierías también porque lo veo como un tributo a la buena y sana tradición, llama al trabajo duro para salir adelante en la vida, a la libertad de la propiedad privada y el respeto por los demás.

Cordial saludo, Mauricio Serrano Forero.

Vaya iniciativa tan interesante:

Un canal para hacer fluir ideas y recuerdos de caicedonitas que permiten mantener los sentimientos anclados en parques, calles, hogares de nuestro querido terruño. Adelante.

José Argemiro Laverde Morales

Reading the magazine Arrierías It is not only interesting but also fascinating. Thanks to the magazine and my short visit to region a few years ago it brought back unforgettable memories. Now it is time to congratulate and to wish all the best for those who are engaged with the magazine who are trying to make the region better known not only for locals but also for foreigners alike.

The essays in the magazine are an update on the daily life of this fascinating region. Religion, Politics, culture, education, climate change and so on.

I hope the magazine can be obtained by all members of the community. The articles The Books of Paper and how languages started written by Mr Jairo Sanchez are simply inspiring. Congratulations!

Please allow me to be your frequent reader and greetings from London,
Oscar Restrepo

London School of Business and Finances


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